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As one of the main part of a graphic identity is shown through a logo, we aim to keep a strong intention into our prossess.

Illustration_sans_titre 14.png


Playing with my last name and how it can be spelled out using only 3 letters, I was inspired by to main styles : Cartoonish and Art Déco.

Being able to add a roundness to the strokes that display according to a very gastby inspired typo was the result we where looking for in this design.


For Syrine Hachemi, a lyon based make up artist who works for fashion events in the beauty indusrty.

We were looking for a very symetrical arabesque design with a strong influence from the hausmanian aera.

Keeping it black and white for a more actual taste and to enhace the cvurves and almost organic strokes as a tribute to her make up style. 

logo mhi mua.png

MxB Dance

Aiming to join two dance schools: Mexi Dance and Blyes Dance, this logo is here to create an unity between the two entites while still keeping the original logos colors and shape. 

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